Here’s an idea…First of all, to support an erection, a man needs to have his blood vessels in his penis dilate (relax) during sex. Various factors – some known, some unknown – reduce the dilation of blood vessels with age.

Drugs – such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra – cause blood vessels to dilate during sex by blocking an enzyme – PDE5 (that is why they are called PDE5 inhibitors), thereby supporting erections.

So, here’s my idea. I thought of this while using Afrin nose spray. The rational for using Afrin (drug name: oxymetazoline) is that your nose gets stuffed up because the blood vessels in your nose dilate. Afrin causes blood vessels to constrict, thereby opening up nasal passages. BUT you aren’t supposed to use Afrin for more thant 3-4 days, because there is a rebound effect, causing blood vessels in your nose to dilate more, so you have to keep using more Afrin.

Now, my idea is this: suppose you do the opposite for blood vessels in the penis – cause them to constrict repeatedly; would this cause the same effect as in the nose – that is, blood vessels would dilate to compensate for this treatment? Wouldn’t this be a good thing?

This is all just theoretical musings, but it’s an interesting concept. If you are researching this topic, you may find as I did that not much is known, and there is surprisingly little research in this area. Viagra was discovered by mistake, and they don’t have any impressive new ED drugs on the horizon.