It’s a fact of life – as you get older, most men develop ED – erectile dysfunction. Your erections aren’t as good as when you are younger. So what to do?

I’ve found that you need to work at having an erection-supportive life style. This includes everything that helps blood vessels stay healthy — which you should be doing anyway — such as not smoking, not being overweight, and exercising a lot.

Another anti-ED strategy is your diet. I have adapted my diet to support healthy blood vessels and healthy hormones. Here are some of the things I do: (more information is available in my e-book, which is available for $5 through Paypal. I’m also thinking of putting it on ebay).

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You want to eat vegetables high in nitrites – such as spinach and lettuce – because these may raise nitrous oxide levels needed for erections. Cabbage and cole slaw are good because cabbage has DIM, a chemical that can block estrogen. I assume that fish are better than beef, because the omega-3 fatty acids in some fish (especially salmon) help blood vessels. Grapes (dark), garlic, onions, red wine, nuts, olive oil, vinegar, and anything from the “Mediterranean diet”. For breakfast, oats supposedly raise testosterone levels; I prefer less processed oats, which I eat with almond milk, instead of cow milk. Stay away from candy, donuts, and crap like that.

So, will a healthy diet turn back the clock and make you a sex machine again, like when you were 18? Not likely. But, combined with drugs like Viagra or Cialis (and MUSE) and herbs like Horney Goat Weed and periods of abstinence, you should be able to enjoy a solid, reliable erection a few times a week (as well as enjoy a healthy heart and brain…)