As I’ve been saying for a while, we know how to increase the “gas” (to use a car analogy) – take ginseng, L-arginine, Viagra, etc, to boost nitric oxide levels. But these only seem to work part way. What if part of the problem is that we also have our foot on the “break” – the parts of our systems that keep blood vessels contracted and the penis flaccid?

Here’s another chemical in the body that may control the break: TNF-alpha. Perhaps blocking TNF-alpha will let the “gas” work better.

Here’s a study about this in mice (CLICK HERE). They are “TNF-alpha knockout” – which means they have somehow been bred genetically so they don’t produce TNF-alpha. They have been shown to have better erections. The authors state that

“TNF-alpha plays a detrimental role in erectile function. A key role for TNF-alpha in mediating endothelial dysfunction in ED is markedly relevant since we now have access to anti-TNF-alpha therapies.”

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