OK, here’s a new line of reasoning:

1. Erectile dysfunction results from problems in blood vessels – they don’t dilate (relax) the way they are supposed to, so they don’t hold the blood in them to stay rigid.

2. What helps blood vessels relax is potassium ion (K+) channels in blood vessels.

3. Something that improves K+ channels may help blood vessels to support erections.

So far, simple enough. So, it turns out that DHA- – an omega-3 fatty acid found in seafood and fish oil supplements — improves K+ channels in a dose-dependent manner (at least in rat tissue). Dose-dependent means that the more DHA you use, the more effect you have.

Now, whether this means that fish oil with DHA will help erectile dysfunction is something I will have to research. If there is a benefit, the question is what dose should be taken? One person I know who takes fish oil (for something other than ED) takes about 5 times the normal dose. However, fish oil seems to be a very healthy product, so there is certainly no problem with taking it. My other suggestion is that you take it in the morning, as it may make it hard to sleep at night, because it can give you a caffeine-like buzz.

Anyway, here is a link to an article about this (LINK HERE). I’ll see what else I can find!