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I’ve been reading some interesting research on asthma (which I developed after a cold last year) and it’s relationship to L-arginine. Reading about it, I noticed that this problem seems to involve the same players at erectile dysfunction – L-arginine, nitric oxide, and others.

So, while we usually look at ED as a vascular disease, perhaps it is a disease associated with an imbalance in the L-arginine-nitric oxide system.

In one study, high doses of L-arginine reduced asthma systems, presumably by restoring the balance to this system and increasing nitric oxide production.

So, I’m wondering if I take high levels of L-arginine (available in any pharmacy or vitamin shop), whether that will help my asthma and my ED. I believe I’ve seen studies that give up to 30 g (grams) of L-arginine per day. However, I can’t recommend that as safe. Talk to your doctor or do more research before taking a high dose (above 1-2 g).

Anyway, here is a link to a study in mice that found benefits with high doses of arginine: