Have you tried MUSE? It is a good but neglected drug (from VIVUS Pharmaceuticals). MUSE is the only drug I know that will actually CAUSE an erection. Not support (like Viagra/Cialis/Levitra) or help (like Horny Goat Weed) – but CAUSE – even without stimulation.

So, here’s a thought: for an old guy like me, if I don’t see a lady for a week or so, and then take Viagra/Cialis/Levitra for a Friday night date, I can have a great erection the first night; but on Saturday morning, it’s not so good.

So, my thought is: use MUSE the next morning.

Here’s what I’m trying:

1. Take off a week. Give the body time to regenerate. Include lots of rest, exercise, and good nutrition (such as eggs, cabbage, fish, yogurt, etc).
2. On Friday night, I take Cialis. It is a 36-hour drug. Very effective. So, Friday night is good. The lady is happy.
3. The next morning, I pop a Levitra + use MUSE. I give both some time to work (20 minutes). Then I should be ready for a delightful morning romp.

My old insurance covered MUSE and it was pretty cheap ($3). I don’t know about my new insurance or how much it costs with just cash, but this approach should work.

I use Levitra because it’s fairly cheap ($10) and doesn’t have the same side effects as Viagra (blue vision, headaches). If Levitra had been approved before Viagra…no one would ever buy Viagra. So it goes.

Other than that, the usual steps should help: exercise, lose weight, don’t smoke, exercise some more, etc.

UPDATE: I tried this approach this weekend, and it was pretty good. Saturday morning, I took a Levitra, drank some tea (don’t be dehydrated), and took the MUSE. Response was good.