Sunscreen Cause Erectile Dysfunction — and Skin Cancer?

Here is a story you won’t find anywhere else but here! But I dig into the deepest recesses of the obscure medical literature, and found a new (possible) erection blocker — sunscreen!

Plus, it may cause skin cancer.

OK, here’s the story from the journal Melanoma Research: (melanoma is a bad form of skin cancer, as you probably know):

1. Sunscreen — suntan lotion — prevent redness after skin is exposed to sun light. The more it protects against sun, the higher the SPF – sun protection factor.

2. The redness from sun exposure is caused, in part, by the action of our old friend, nitric oxide (NO) — discussed on many posts of this blog.

3. Sunscreen has been found to block NO by inhibitor the enzyme that produces NO — inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS).

4. Because of this, the researchers say that sunscreen may actual contribute to MORE skin cancer, because it blocks the protective effect of NO on the skin.

5. Finally — I wonder if sunscreen is absorbed and whether it blocks NO in other parts of the body. This is important because NO is needed for an erection.

Does sunscreen cause skin cancer and deflate erections? It remains to be seen.

Here is a link to the study, by Chiang et al at the VA Medical Center in Memphis, TN.