Personal experience report: I tried the high (1,000 mcg) dose of the ED medication MUSE (alprostadil).

You don’t hear much about this drug. It’s not well publicized or marketed, but it is a pretty powerful medication for supporting erections.

Erections use two mechanisms. One is associated with nitric oxide. The other works with a chemical called prostaglandin. Viagra/Cialis/etc increase levels of nitric oxide. MUSE (which is a tiny pellet of drug delivered by a thin plastic device stuck in the urethra) uses the second system. The drug delivered – alprostadil – is a form of prostaglandin, which helps the penis become erect.

It’s not very popular, because men don’t like sticking plastic tubes up their urethras, but I have tried it a few times and it is effective, so it is worth a try.

It can be safely combined with Viagra/Cialis/Levitra etc, so it can boost these drugs (because it works by a different mechanism). This sort of combination therapy is where ED treatment is headed, in my view. Or you can try it now.