In addition for combing the medical literature for overlooked techniques for SUPPORTING erections (eg, HGW, nitric oxide, oysters, etc), I am also checking things the BLOCK erections – with the idea that it may be possible to BLOCK the BLOCKERS.

Of course, you don’t want to do this TOO much, or you can cause priapism – an erection that won’t go away. This happens with some drugs and in some people who have sickle cell anemia. This is because it is actually the natural state of the penis to be erect, but various factors keep it flacid. Remove those factors, and the penis fills with blood and become erect until these factors return, and the penis become flacid once more.

So, what if these relaxing factors (actually, vasoconstricting factors, because they cause blood vessels in the penis to constrict) are a little too overacting with age? Would it be possible to block these erection blockers a bit, therefore supporting the natural erection process?

One candidate for this is angiotensin II, a common chemical in the body that increases with many conditions. I found an old article (1997) which says that angiotensin II supports contraction of tissue in the penis, and that this effect is blocked by an angiotensin II receptor blocker (often called an “ARB”). So, drugs (such as ARBs) and perhaps foods and herbs may be able to improve erections by reducing/blocking angiotensin II.

For more information on this article, from The International Journal of Impotence Research, CLICK HERE.

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