I’ve seen lots of information – some I’ve posted – suggesting that aspirin may be bad for erections.

The problem is that aspirin blocks prostaglandin, which is involved in pain, but also erections.

What about other pain killers, like ibuprofen? This may also block prostaglandin. But…check this out: ibuprofen is also a VASODILATOR (that’s good).

Here’s my personal experience: I started taking lots of ibuprofen for some back pain I am having (because I gained a lot of weight…). I was worried that the ibuprofen would cause some ED, but it seems to have the OPPOSITE effect. It seems to make erections better. This is just my experience, and it could be something else – like the increased exercise I am doing for the weight problem…I don’t know. But the science and my experience seem to suggest a real effect here with ibuprofen (not aspirin).

So – you can judge for yourself, but ibuprofen may help erections in a big way.

One note: it may help short-term, but hurt long-term. Maybe the vasodilatory effect is early, but the prostaglandin effect is latter, or accumulative. I don’t know! Hopefully, my back will be better soon. But, if not, the good news is that I can take MUSE (aprostadil), which is…prostaglandin! So, even if it does back for erections, I can still offset the effect with the drug MUSE.

Anyway, I wanted to share these results, seem they are pretty dramatic and noticeable (at least in my subjective experience). Try taking 3-4 capsules of ibuprofen at night (if that is safe for you) and see if you don’t wake up feeling the difference…