Men can enjoy some of the same benefits as women by performing Kegels, an excise the strengthens the muscles in the pelvic area.

To do Male Kegels, follow this advice from a Nurse’s blog:

So, basically you have the squeeze the same muscles that you would squeeze as if you are holding in urine or a bowel movement, when you really have to go, but have to wait.  It is best to actually do these exercises with an empty bladder, but try to contract and relax these muscles 15 times a day, and work up to 75 times and them start holding the contraction for 3-5 seconds and try to get in two sets of 50 per day while holding the contraction.

I know it seems like a lot BUT you can do them anywhere at any time without it being noticed: while driving, in the shower, at work, watching TV, etc. No one has to know that you are exercising, and really the benefits to you out weight the few minutes a day you will be strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and doing something positive for your body!  You will start to see the benefits in 4-6 weeks after starting the exercises and, I promise you, you’ll thank me!

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