Turns out there are actual arginase inhibitors out there for sale. Presumably an arginase inhibitor would increase levels of arginine in circulation, and hence increase levels of nitric oxide, which would increase cGMP levels in your penis and support better erections.

I found the arginase inhibitor L-Norvaline for sale on the Internet. Very cheap – 20 g (that’s GRAMS) for $11.99. This should be an effective and cheap way to get better erections because of the following:

1. Erections need nitric oxide
2. Nitric oxide comes from arginine
3. The enzyme arginase reduces arginine levels
4. Blocking arginase (with an arginase inhibitor, such as L-Norvaline) should be a simple and safe way of raising arginine levels, which should raise nitric oxide levels, which should mean better erections!

You could try combining this with an arginine supplement…

I’ll will try this out and report if it is effective. What is truly amazing to me is that, after 3 years of research, this is the first I’ve heard of L-Norvaline!