Here’s an interesting fact about minoxidil — the drug for hair growth. It was designed as a nitric oxide-like drug, so that it could be used to treat heart disease by relaxing blood vessels, just as nitric oxide does. So…this is what Viagra does, right? So why isn’t minoxidil used (perhaps in conjunction with Viagra) to maximize blood vessel relaxation (and erections)?

I did a quick search on this, and some people looked into this in 1994, but then Viagra came out and they forgot about this.
The nice thing about minoxidil is that you can buy it over-the-counter (at least for hair growth). While it is a topical medicine, and not a pill, it still seems this is a possible treatment. The one problem with minoxidil is that it has to be metabolized to work, so you can’t apply it directly to your penis; it has to pass through the liver first. But if you apply liberal amounts to your skin, and then it passes through the liver and is converted into the active chemical, then it might have some benefit. Seems worth a try.