I am always looking for a new way to improve erections…consider the drug nicorandil. It seems to help blood vessels dilate – similar to Viagra. Someone actually applied for a patent in 2001 to use nicorandil for ED. The key is the most basic component of erection – the relaxation of the small muscles in blood vessels, which occurs with potassium and calcium ions adjust their levels. This is the atomic level of change! It doesn’t get more basic than this!

Anyway, if you can find a way to boost potassium levels, that helps blood vessels relax, so they can fill up with blood and support erections. Apparently, nicorandil does this. Here is an article about using potassium channels for treating ED: LINK HERE.

Nicorandil has been used for years in Europe and Japan, but apparently we are behind the times here in the USA. Go figure.

See this link for an article on nicorandil from the European Heart Journal: CLICK HERE

Here is another article about increasing potassium levels for erections, using the drug phentolamine: LINK HERE. It is in theInternational Journal of Impotence Research.